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Breast Enhancement: Desired by Millions of Women

Around the world, women appear to be in a constant search for effective ways how to get bigger breasts, for a variety of reasons. Many want to feel more appealing to possible partners, and trust that breast enhancement will increase their appeal. Throughout history, there has been a connection between the female breast and cultural perceptions of sensuality and femininity. Some women may want to achieve a more youthful appearance following years of motherhood, since breastfeeding often leads to sagging of the breasts and surrounding skin. Many women who have achieved significant weight loss have a similar goal. And some women may wish to correct disfigurements such as uneven breasts, caused by heredity or sometimes through accidental injuries.

There are also women who have a new career in mind, such as modeling or acting, and who want to improve their appeal through breast enlargement. Finally, a woman may want to enhance her breasts simply to make clothes and bra shopping a more pleasant (and less expensive) task, without the need for costly alterations. Every woman simply feels better when she knows she looks her best!

Female Breast Anatomy

The female breast is made up of many different types of cells and small structures. These include fat cells, blood vessels, connective tissue, milk ducts, lymph nodes (immune system structures) and groupings of cells called lobules that branch out from the nipple area. The breast is supported from beneath by muscle tissue, separating the breast from the ribs; there are no muscle cells inside the breast itself. A woman’s genetic makeup, health, and age determine how much fat is contained in her breasts, and therefore: her breast size and shape.

From very small sacs that make up the lobules, milk is transported through the ducts when a woman breastfeeds an infant. A surprising fact is that most women, regardless of breast size, have roughly the same number of lobules! Why, then, why are breast sizes and shapes so very different from woman to woman?

The answer lies in the tissue that cushions the lobules and ducts of the female breast. This supporting tissue is made up mostly of fat cells, with some connective tissue and ligaments. Yes, fat cells! The very cells that so many women want to rid themselves of elsewhere in their bodies are the very reason breast sizes differ

Well then, you may ask: how can a woman enlarge her breasts without enlarging other parts of her body at the same time?

Natural Breast Enhancement Cream

One of the safest, most economical and benign ways to achieve breast enhancement is through the use of all natural breast enhancement cream. But many women are not aware of this simple and safe path toward breast enlargement! First, let’s review some of the other ways that women might try to achieve breast enlargement. Then we will discuss a smarter, safer and more affordable approach to enhancement and give you tips on finding the best growth cream as you search for the best enhancement cream reviews and detailed descriptions of ingredients.

Surgical Breast Augmentation: Expensive and Risky

Especially in countries such as the United States, Brazil and Mexico, hundreds of thousands of woman opt for risky breast implant surgery every year, under general anesthesia. German, Spanish, Canadian and Venezuelan women also often place themselves at risk by choosing this surgical approach to breast enlargement. There are countless risks involved, including extremely high cost ($5000 on average, for the first surgery alone); long recovery time with pain and unpleasant drain tubes; possible illness from ruptured implants; ruptures; disfigurement from badly done procedures, with a need for more surgery; the routine need for replacement implants through more surgery (every ten years or so, with added costs); and even a slightly increased risk of cancer. In 2011, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported a higher risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) in breast implant patients. Shockingly, after disastrous illnesses from silicone-based implant ruptures resulted in use of saline-only implants, a new form of silicone is back in use today.

There are also other surgical methods, including breast lifts (mastopexy, in which skin is removed and nipples are moved higher) to improve breast appearance, and breast fillers (a woman’s own fat collected by liposuction) to increase size of the breasts. With these too, surgical risks are great, including possible development of cysts, infection, and even death of the transferred fat cells, leaving uneven results. Of course, costs are also extreme: around $4200 for a lift and up to $30,000 for fat transfer!

Breast Exercise Equipment: Ineffective Alone

Consumers can find many types of gadgets (devices) promising to increase breast size. These include, for example: breast massagers, vacuum pumps and combs. But while these cost much less than surgery and might help to strengthen the muscle underlying the breasts, they simply will not work alone to augment breast size!

Breast Enhancement Creams (Breast Growth Creams)

So let’s get back to discussing an approach that works, that is low cost and has little or no risk: breast augmentation through the use of natural breast enhancement cream! Does that sound too good to believe it’s true? Let’s take a look at how breast enlargement creams – sometimes casually referred to as “boob cream” or “bust cream” – really do work.

Natural medicine has a long history of over 5,000 years. In natural medicine, thousands of plants and plant products are safely and effectively used. Which plants, including herbs, are effective when used in breast firming creams and breast enhancement creams? Let’s find out.

Plants naturally contain hormones including estrogen, just like people. They are called phytoestrogens. Breast enhancement creams and breast lift creams contain these compounds in different combinations and amounts.

The natural herbs most often used in breasts enhancement creams include fenugreek, fennel seed, dong quai root, blessed thistle and red clover extract.

As we will recall, what are the breasts made of? Mostly fat cells! Natural breast enhancement creams containing the herbal agents listed above, for example, can affect two important features of fat cells: 1) they can increase the actual size of fat cells and 2) increase the amount of fat droplets (for energy storage) that each fat cell will be able to hold in tiny bubbles called vacuoles. When both of these increases occur in breast fat tissue after application of natural breast enhancement cream, the overall volume and dimensions of the breast increase too – giving you larger, shapelier breasts!

The stimulating effect of gentle massage improves blood circulation. When massage is applied to the breast during application of breast enhancement cream, the blood flow within the breast starts to flow better. The breast enlargement cream’s phytoestrogens are absorbed through the skin and thanks to better blood flow can be better absorbed and stimulate the breast fat cells.

Breast Enhancement Cream Reviews

An all-natural, safe, low-cost way to achieve breast enhancement is therefore simple: apply a high quality, natural breast enlargement cream through gentle massage. For the best outcomes, it is important to compare product quality and read details of reliable breast enhancement cream reviews.

Don’t be fooled! To ensure that you identify the most effective natural breast cream, read actual user reviews from a variety of sources. Check any negative reviews along with the positive ones; often, women who post negative reviews have not purchased creams from reliable sources, or did not use them as directed. To be safe, purchase breast enlargement cream only direct from the manufacturer’s website, ensuring that the bust cream has been manufactured to high standards (such as Good Manufacturing Practices in FDA-approved facilities).



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