Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enhancement pills Natural breast enhancement

How Breast Enhancement Pill Ingredients Work to Augment Breast Tissue

You may want to know how these plant resources actually work and how to get bigger boobs. Research has revealed more detailed information on the ways the ingredients we have discussed actually create the desired effect. This is also referred to as “mechanism of action.” For example:


Fenugreek seed: The plant hormones, or phytoestrogens found in fenugreek seed extracts provide a double benefit in breast enhancement. Fenugreek grows naturally in countries such as India, Spain, France, Pakistan, China and Indonesia. First, the estrogen-like hormones mimic naturally occurring estrogen in women’s breast tissues. Secondly, it causes stimulation of another hormone, prolactin. Both are needed for breast tissue development. This means that the quality of fenugreek seed extract is very important in achieving the desired breast enhancement effects that women want. Poor quality extracts fail to provide the double effects because they are too low in concentrations of the active molecules, and sometimes lack them altogether!

Fennel seed: This naturally occurring plant product also contains unique phytoestrogens. The hormones in fennel seed augment the breast tissue growth effects of fenugreek seed when used by non-nursing women. It is like supplementing the estrogens that occur naturally in a woman’s body, but which decrease at various stages of life. It also provides hormonally based benefits like reduction of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and the effects of menopause that can include low libido, or sex drive. Topically, it can even reduce wrinkle prevention. This amazing Mediterranean plant resource is commonly found in France, Egypt and Spain.

Red Clover Extract: Red clover has an amazing set of four (4) phytoestrogens, belonging to a group called genistein. These plant estrogens work by connecting to, or “binding” to breast proteins called estradiol receptors (like a puzzle piece fits specifically on a puzzle board). Their effects on breast tissue include cell growth, and increased flexibility of breast (and other) arteries. Good circulation is an important aspect of tissue growth including the all-important fat cells that make up most breast tissue. While this amazing plant was originally found in the southeastern areas of Europe, it was introduced to the United States by settlers, and has thrived in many states.

Dong Quai: This incredible Chinese plant has sometimes been called “Female Ginseng,” due to its many wonderful effects in treating conditions that afflict women. Its main mechanism in breast growth is to stimulate natural production of the hormone, progesterone, which in turn stimulates breast growth. It works its magic best when combined with other herbs such as those mentioned above.

So don’t delay! You are now armed with more information about natural breast enhancement pills and the amazing herbal ingredients they must have in order to be effective.

Look for only the highest quality pills, even if they cost a little bit more so that you will be happy with your results!


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