Selecting the Perfect Name For Your Female Dog

Selecting the Perfect Name For Your Female Dog


Appointing a newly purchased dog will surely be an exciting undertaking for new pet owners. Although this can sometimes become a huge task with a little effort on your part and with the help of the tips listed below, you can be sure to find the perfect name for your pet. Fortunately, there are endless possibilities for you to choose.

Before you choose, you should consider many things such as your dog’s breed, its size, personality and appearance. The name you choose should also be appreciated by all members of your family. While some prefer the names of cute bitches, some may want to continue with the current trend of names or prefer more traditional names.

If you want to choose from last year’s popular elections, the top 10 female names for 2009 are Molly, Maggie, Daisy, Lucy, Sadie, Ginger, Chloe, Bailey, Sophie and Zoe. Some of the other popular choices in 2009 include Princess, Bella, Angel, Lady, Sasha, Abby and Coco.

Beautiful names:

If you are looking for cute names for your bitch then you might consider Barbie, Dora or Trixie. Some of the other cute names to choose from include Ginger, Goldie and Honey. Names like Chocolate, Cinnamon, Destiny, Brownie and Dawn are cute and, at the same time, not gender specific. One of the names of the previous cute puppies will surely suit your pet.

Selecting the Perfect Name For Your Female Dog

Famous names:

If you prefer the names of traditional and famous women, you can choose from any of the famous characters from mythology or literature, such as Agatha, Sheena, Desdemona or Athena, according to the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Rapunzel, Venus and Penelope are also some of the more traditional options. Jane, Helene, Gretel and Irene are not just classic names but they also sound great and can fit perfectly with your beloved puppy. If you are looking for something striking and traditional, then Marilyn, Melba or Madonna are some of the options for the names of famous women.

Popular Names:

One of the best ways to name your puppy is to choose a popular name that suits your personality or character. This way, the name chosen not only fits your pet, but will also be unique and will capture attention quite easily. If your dog is a real beauty, then you can choose between Celina, Jewel, Brittany, Glitter or you can simply call it beauty. For an active and excited young puppy, you can choose Leona, Liberty or Jeri. Click here to find more cool names that can suit your dog.

Legal names:

If you are looking for modern and fun names for your female dog, you can choose from Munchkin, Candy, Alabaster and Flipper. You can search Caviar for an exclusive or expensive puppy or Hazel if your puppy has bright brown eyes. Genie, Dawn, Blaze, Butterfly, Cuckoo, Birdie, Foxy or Doe are some other options for big names. Kismet, Hope, Bliss and Joy are good choices if you’re philosophical.

The options are endless and while it may take time and effort to sort out all the possible names of women, you will surely feel rewarded when finding the perfect name for your perfect dog.

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